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The fastest and most cost effective way for anyone to test if a material contains asbestos.

Send your samples to us and receive your UKAS Lab Results in 24 hours.

State of the Art Technology

The very latest Microscopes (PLM) are used to detect asbestos in samples.

Send your double bagged samples for Lab Analysis today and get fast UKAS Lab results certificate by email

The Difference is Clear!

Sample Analysis at Incredibly Low Prices

Processing large numbers of samples means very low analysis prices. We pass the saving directly to you.

Other UK Labs charge £50 to £120 for one Lab Test and can take a week to return results.

Efficiency & Value

UKAS Lab Results in 24 hours!

Asbestos analysis is conducted by UKAS Accredited Labs as required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Your UKAS Lab Result will be emailed to your inbox in 24 hours.

Fast & Accurate Results

100% Support from Start to Finish

Easy to follow, Step by Step instructions are provided.

If you are not sure about anything, we are on hand to help.Call us or email using the Contact Form for advice & guidance.

Always on Hand to Help

Need a Lab Test fast?

Send your samples today and get Lab Result in 24 hours!

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DIY Asbestos Test Kit

Quick, Cost Effective & Confidential

We supply Premium Quality Asbestos Test Kits to our Customers. Order your kit by 3pm and it will be sent to you the same day.

The Personal Protective Equipment included with the Kit is the same as a Qualified Asbestos Surveyor uses when taking samples from materials suspected to contain asbestos.

With the Step By Step Guide of the sampling procedure, you can take samples yourself and safely send them in for Lab analysis.

You will then receive your UKAS Lab Result in 24 hours.
DIY Asbestos Test Kit
Select number of samples

Lab Analysis Only

Raising Standards - Lab Analysis by PLM in 24 hours

If you already have a sample and need it analysed quickly, then the PLM Sample Analysis service is all you need.

Sending a sample for analysis means you want to know if it has asbestos in it and if it does, which type?

Polarising Light Microscopy is the industry wide preferred standard method for the analysis of materials suspected to contain asbestos.

If asbestos is present in your sample, PLM will find it and you will then receive your UKAS Lab Result in 24 hours.
Sample Analysis Only

Lab Results in 24 hours

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